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Asiga Max X

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Outstanding Print Quality the best series Asiga has ever made.

Available to order: 3-4 Weeks Delivery Time

The Asiga Max X is Bringing unsurpassed surface smoothness and part definition to your desktop. Creating a new era of 3D printing resolution and precision. With the newest innovation to hit the market and far superior print quality and print speed than competitors it is truly a machine to see.

SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

Asiga’s unique SPS™ process guarantees every model layer is formed accurately in minimal time, making the MAX ideal for medical device manufacturing where precision is critical.

Additional Information
23 kg
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 51 cm
Choose Model Options
Max X 27, Max X 27UV, Max X 35, Max X 35UV, Max X 43, Max X 43UV




Whats Included
  • Asiga Max X
  • 1 software Composer
  • Compact post curing device Asiga Flash
  • Calibration kit
  • Material Pack