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B9 Core Series

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The B9 core series comes in two varieties the B9 Core 530 and 550. Both Boast an incredible print speed and accuracy. with there patented Dura Vat which is guaranteed for 1 year or 600 prints. with some being still in use for 2 years this is, of course, all down to you and how you look after the machine.

These machines are great for prototyping to production, With rapid speeds of being able to print up to 100mm/hr on the 550 and up to 120mm/hr on the 530. On average we print rings on the 550 in 1 hour at 50 microns.

The GUI is very easy to use and will be up and printing in minutes, book an appointment or give us a call to see the machine in action.

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50 kg
Dimensions  26 × 38 × 51 cm
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B9 Core 530, B9 Core 550

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