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Bluecast Cr3ator

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Bluecast Cr3ator is based on LCD Technology at a 405nm wavelength it is one of the easiest and user-friendly entry-level 3d printers we have tested.

Being based off the Elegoo Marrs 3d printer it has that easy to use functions, established user base and upgraded internals;

This printer, equipped with LED matrix (paraled), new cooling system, BlueCast firmware is suitable for the small laboratories and the mass production.

The price includes 3 different resin bundles at your choice:

Jewellery Bundle: 4 bottles of BlueCast Cr3a 500gr (castable)_ 2 liquid curing 250gr

Dental Bundle: 3 bottles of  BlueCast Dental Model Gray 1kg

Generic Bundle: 2 bottles of  BlueCast Dental Model Gray 1kg _ 1 bottle of BlueCast Cr3a 500gr (castable)_ 1 liquid curing 250gr

The self-installing print profiles are provided with the included USB pen.

*Consumables on this printer not covered by warranty, Paraled, Fep Film, LCD Screen.


Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35x35x50 cm
Choose Model Option  Jewellery, Dental, Generic



Size – 20*20*40 cm

Box Size – 35*35*50 cm

Printing Volume – 67*120*150 mm

Printing Resolution – 47um

Z Layers – 0,1 – 0,05 – 0,03 – 0,01

LCD screen 2K HD 2560×1440

Printing Speed – 1cm/30min (0,05 mm z res)

Connectivity – USB Pen

SW – Chitu Box

Led source – paraled 60W

Printing profile – Open _ Ready to print

Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware

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