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Bluecast Cr3ator

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Bluecast Cr3ator is based on LCD Technology at a 405nm wavelength it is one of the easiest and user-friendly entry-level 3d printers we have tested.

Being based off the Elegoo Marrs 3d printer it has that easy to use functions, established user base and upgraded internals;

This printer, equipped with LED matrix (paraled), new cooling system, BlueCast firmware is suitable for the small laboratories and the mass production.

The price includes 3 different resin bundles at your choice:

Jewellery Bundle: 4 bottles of BlueCast Cr3a 500gr (castable)_ 2 liquid curing 250gr

Dental Bundle: 3 bottles of  BlueCast Dental Model Gray 1kg

Generic Bundle: 2 bottles of  BlueCast Dental Model Gray 1kg _ 1 bottle of BlueCast Cr3a 500gr (castable)_ 1 liquid curing 250gr

The self-installing print profiles are provided with the included USB pen.

*Consumables on this printer not covered by warranty, Paraled, Fep Film, LCD Screen.


Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 35x35x50 cm
Choose Model Option  Jewellery, Dental, Generic

PDF Product Information Downloads


Size – 20*20*40 cm

Box Size – 35*35*50 cm

Printing Volume – 67*120*150 mm

Printing Resolution – 47um

Z Layers – 0,1 – 0,05 – 0,03 – 0,01

LCD screen 2K HD 2560×1440

Printing Speed – 1cm/30min (0,05 mm z res)

Connectivity – USB Pen

SW – Chitu Box

Led source – paraled 60W

Printing profile – Open _ Ready to print

Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware

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