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Thunk3d Jewellery Scanner

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The Thunk3d Jewellery Scanner is the perfect companion for 3d design, Making Shaped Weds could never be easier. 

 Made to Order Delivery is 1-Week from ordering.


Sensor: CMOS,1.31mp * 2 Scan volume:

5-80 mm

Raster: 1280*1080 DLP= 8mm*6mm  Scan speed:


Lens: 16mm/5mp * 2 Scan mode: Auto scan

Feature/Mark Align;


0.06 mm

Certificate: CE/FCC/WEEE/CNAS Accuracy: < 10 um
Export format: STL/AC PC require:

Nvida GM>2GB

Multi item mode: Yes
System require: >Win7(64bit+)